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Machinery for Making POLYMER SAND

Multi Color Water Resistant Roof Tiles Exterior Parking Tiles Paver Blocks & More ...

Sinter Machines

Sinter Machines carries out a full cycle of production line which is, of course, innovative and first of its kind in India.

We manufacture complex machinery lines which allow solving the problem of better utilization with high value addition...


Polymer Sand Production Line Process

Machinery for the production of Water Resistant Polymer Sand
Multi Color Roof Tiles, Exterior Parking Tiles and Paver Blocks & More...

Automatic Production Line

 Full Cycle of Production Line

Full Cycle of Production Line

The machines we offer provide for the full-cycle production chain starting with raw material preparation and ending with the finished product.

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 Polymer Sand Products

Polymer Sand Products

We have integrated complete production line for the manufacture of Water Resistant Polymer Sand Multi Color Roof Tiles, Exterior Parking Tiles and Paver Blocks & Moreā€¦

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 Polymer Sand Composite
Raw Materials

Polymer (Mixed Waste Plastics) + Sand Composite

We are trusted for experience in production of polymer (mixed waste plastics) + sand (composite) materials.

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Why Choose Our Production Line

Strength & Durability Test

High density and extra strength of our products makes it not easy to break

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Products & Laying

Products are made out of Polymer Sand Composite material which is user friendly in laying

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Visit our factory for live demo
of our Semi Automated Production Line

Office     05 mins drive

Factory 20 mins drive from Coimbatore International Airport, India.

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