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Polymer Crushers/Cutters

Polymer Crushers/Cutters

Rotor plastic crushers are universal crushing machines designed to reprocess waste of various polymers – almost all types of plastics, particularly hard ones. The crushers will manage wrap film, agro fleece, foam insulation materials, flexible sheet materials, crates, bins, bottles, jars and buckets. The only limitation is crushing units more than 15 mm in section.

The crushers produced by our company are extremely reliable in their design. Horizontal rotor equipped with plate knives with two-side cutting edges is fixed in strengthened bearing blocks. Processing chambers are assembled of massive bolt joint milled plates (70 ... 100 mm thick) which provides for their highest stability and rigidity. Any torsions or side sways at high torques are absolutely avoided. Plastic is crushed when gets into the adjustable gap between moving and fixed knives. Cut fraction is determined by the diameter of holes of screening sieve located under the chamber.

Rotor motion is balanced and the unit on the whole is highly thrust resistant. The crushers are easy to operate and maintain. They can be conveyor belt fed, loaded with either a fork-lift truck or manually by operator.

They present a simple and cost-effective solution in many crushing applications.