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Polymer Sand Roof Tile Machine

Plastic Sand Roof Tile Machines

Sinter Machines manufacture machinery which provides end to end solution to 100% Recyclable Plastic (Recycled Mixed Waste Plastic) Sand (Any kind of local low cost sand) Roof Tile making production line. Plastic Sand Roof Tile Production line is fully automated with integrated PLC control system operations with minimal human interference.

 Heating and Melting System (HMS) with Pressure Relief Line

Heating and Melting System (HMS) with Pressure Relief Line

 Heating And Melting System (HMS)

Heating And Melting System (HMS)

 Hydraulic Press

Hydraulic Press

 Loading Conveyor Systems

Loading Conveyor Systems

 Die Mould

Die Mould

 HMS Feed Screw

HMS Feed Screw


Plastic Sand Roof Tile Machines Working Demo

Watch live demo of our Polymer Sand Roofing Tiles Production Line

Plastic and Sand Roof Tiles Production Process

Sintering is the process of compacting and forming a solid mass of material
by heat or pressure without melting it to the point of liquefaction

 Mixing of Raw Materials


Raw materials mostly PP, LDPE, HDPE & Other mixed plastics are mixed together with any kind of sand at the ratio 30:70 to 70:30 combo depending on the product mix.

 Melting of Raw Materials


Mixed raw materials are fed into HMS for melting and homogenous mixing at a temperature ranging from 200 to 280 C for a molten mass compound.



Molten mass compound loaded into custom made product die mould mounted in a hydraulic press for moulding into desired products.

Visual Test Results for Polymer Sand Products

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Strength & Durability Test

High density and extra strength of our products makes it not easy to break

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Products & Laying

Products are made out of Polymer Sand Composite material which is user friendly in laying

Facts & Features of Polymer Sand Roof Tiles

  • Virtually no water
  • High density, extra strength
    and unbreakable
  • Excellent Dimensional
  • In Built UV resistant Embedded



With Patented Innovative technology developed by us, we give end to end solution for the production of Plastic Sand Roof Tiles in a fully automated Production Line
Get free price quote for Plastic Sand Roof Tile Production Line Machinery on drop of a mail to
Recycled Mix Waste Plastics like PET bottle flakes, MSW segregated PP, HDPE, LDPE mixed plastic grindings and granules & any kind of sand viz., Quartz sand / River Sand / Eco (Dolomite) Sand / M Sand / Sea Sand / Desert sand
About 1000 sq meter built factory shed with 150 kw connected load power required. But the operation power load is 30% of the connected load only.
Plastic Sand Roof Tiles are virtually unbreakable, say not easy to break. Hence transportation and handling wastage very negligent
It is hardly one to one and half year’s period. You will take back your investment on the project.
It is 100% recyclable Green product


Visit our factory for live demo
of our Automated Production Line

Office     05 mins drive

Factory 20 mins drive from Coimbatore International Airport, India.

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