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Press Molds

 Press Molds

Press molds are the main type of tooling for polymer-sand production - they are used to shape finished products.

Press molds are manufactured of construction alloy steels (40 x 45 (US analogue – AISI, ASTM, ASME 5140 & 5145)) with further thermal hardening which provides for increased operation life up to 5 million molding cycles.

The system of ducts incorporated in every mold and connected to water circulation system by nozzles is designed to cool polymer-sand compound. Cooling it at dwelling time is obligatory to get a final product with the demanded strength properties and surface appearance. At that, cooling must be performed throughout the whole mass of the paste. That is why the water ducts in a mold are shaped in such a way as to pass around all the sides of the molded item, repeating its configuration.

We produce press molds to manufacture any type of products which can be obtained out of the composite on the basis of recycled plastics. The main groups of press molds are designed to get the following products:

  • Multi Color Roofing Tiles
  • Industrial Flooring Slabs
  • Outdoor Parking Tiles
  • Paving Slabs & Blocks
  • Water Drainage Ducts
  • Sewer Manholes and Components of sewage wells
  • Decorative Fencing for Flower Beds
  • Wall construction blocks
  • Fencing and road sign posts
  • So many other Products as you wish

The molds can be custom-made and produced in accordance with either drawings of a product or just its design sketch.