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Hydraulic Presses

 Hydraulic Presses

Polymer sand products are shaped by means of compression molding in hydraulic presses. Control software of the presses is adapted specially for polymer-sand technology, but they can be reprogrammed and thus may have a number of other industrial applications.

Presses are vertical double-arm semi-automatic presses with upper moving plate designed for direct compaction of thermoplastic-based composite pastes. Press frames made of massive plates totally prevent warping of the construction at dwelling time and plate strokes.

The presses are offered in five main modifications differing in generated compaction force (100... 400 tonnes) and bed plate dimensions (500 x 500 mm ... 1120 x 1250 mm) which allows manufacturing a wide range of composite molded products - various in shapes and sizes.
Operation of the pressing units can be performed either in a fully automatic mode or in semi-automatic or manual mode. All the control parameters are adjustable for the specific operation needs. Every press modification has high actual pressure margin in relation to the nominal value. High operation safety and stability of every unit is guaranteed.

Presses of special execution - with a nonstandard bed plate size or several tables - can be designed and produced as per customer’s request.